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Table Of Contents


class mxnet.gluon.ParameterDict(prefix='', shared=None)[source]

A dictionary managing a set of parameters.

  • prefix (str, default '') – The prefix to be prepended to all Parameters’ names created by this dict.

  • shared (ParameterDict or None) – If not None, when this dict’s get() method creates a new parameter, will first try to retrieve it from “shared” dict. Usually used for sharing parameters with another Block.

Load and save parameters

ParameterDict.load(filename[, ctx, …])

Load parameters from file.[, strip_prefix])

Save parameters to file.

Get a particular parameter

ParameterDict.get(name, **kwargs)

Retrieves a Parameter with name self.prefix+name.

ParameterDict.get_constant(name[, value])

Retrieves a Constant with name self.prefix+name.

Update parameters

ParameterDict.initialize([init, ctx, …])

Initializes all Parameters managed by this dictionary to be used for NDArray API.

ParameterDict.setattr(name, value)

Set an attribute to a new value for all Parameters.


Copies all Parameters in other to self.

Set devices contexts and gradients


Re-assign all Parameters to other contexts.


Sets all Parameters’ gradient buffer to 0.



Prefix of this dict.