Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents


class mxnet.monitor.Monitor(interval, stat_func=None, pattern='.*', sort=False)[source]

Monitor outputs, weights, and gradients for debugging.

  • interval (int) – Number of batches between printing.
  • stat_func (function) – A function that computes statistics of tensors. Takes an NDArray and returns an NDArray. Defaults to mean absolute value |x|/size(x).
  • pattern (str) – A regular expression specifying which tensors to monitor. Only tensors with names that match name_pattern will be included. For example, ‘.*weight|.*output’ will print all weights and outputs and ‘.*backward.*’ will print all gradients.
__init__(interval, stat_func=None, pattern='.*', sort=False)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(interval[, stat_func, pattern, sort]) Initialize self.
install(exe) install callback to executor.
tic() Start collecting stats for current batch.
toc() End collecting for current batch and return results.
toc_print() End collecting and print results.