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Table Of Contents


mxnet.callback.do_checkpoint(prefix, period=1)[source]

A callback that saves a model checkpoint every few epochs. Each checkpoint is made up of a couple of binary files: a model description file and a parameters (weights and biases) file. The model description file is named prefix–symbol.json and the parameters file is named prefix-epoch_number.params

  • prefix (str) – Prefix for the checkpoint filenames.

  • period (int, optional) – Interval (number of epochs) between checkpoints. Default period is 1.


callback – A callback function that can be passed as epoch_end_callback to fit.

Return type



>>>, num_epoch=n_epoch,
... epoch_end_callback  = mx.callback.do_checkpoint("mymodel", 1))
Start training with [cpu(0)]
Epoch[0] Resetting Data Iterator
Epoch[0] Time cost=0.100
Saved checkpoint to "mymodel-0001.params"
Epoch[1] Resetting Data Iterator
Epoch[1] Time cost=0.060
Saved checkpoint to "mymodel-0002.params"