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mxnet.ndarray.contrib.MultiBoxDetection(cls_prob=None, loc_pred=None, anchor=None, clip=_Null, threshold=_Null, background_id=_Null, nms_threshold=_Null, force_suppress=_Null, variances=_Null, nms_topk=_Null, out=None, name=None, **kwargs)

Convert multibox detection predictions.

  • cls_prob (NDArray) – Class probabilities.
  • loc_pred (NDArray) – Location regression predictions.
  • anchor (NDArray) – Multibox prior anchor boxes
  • clip (boolean, optional, default=1) – Clip out-of-boundary boxes.
  • threshold (float, optional, default=0.01) – Threshold to be a positive prediction.
  • background_id (int, optional, default='0') – Background id.
  • nms_threshold (float, optional, default=0.5) – Non-maximum suppression threshold.
  • force_suppress (boolean, optional, default=0) – Suppress all detections regardless of class_id.
  • variances (tuple of <float>, optional, default=[0.1,0.1,0.2,0.2]) – Variances to be decoded from box regression output.
  • nms_topk (int, optional, default='-1') – Keep maximum top k detections before nms, -1 for no limit.
  • out (NDArray, optional) – The output NDArray to hold the result.

out – The output of this function.

Return type:

NDArray or list of NDArrays