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Copies the value of this array to another array.

If other is a NDArray object, then other.shape and self.shape should be the same. This function copies the value from self to other.

If other is a context, a new NDArray will be first created on the target context, and the value of self is copied.

Parameters:other (NDArray or Context) – The destination array or context.
Returns:The copied array. If other is an NDArray, then the return value and other will point to the same NDArray.
Return type:NDArray, CSRNDArray or RowSparseNDArray


>>> x = mx.nd.ones((2,3))
>>> y = mx.nd.zeros((2,3), mx.gpu(0))
>>> z = x.copyto(y)
>>> z is y
>>> y.asnumpy()
array([[ 1.,  1.,  1.],
       [ 1.,  1.,  1.]], dtype=float32)
>>> y.copyto(mx.gpu(0))
<NDArray 2x3 @gpu(0)>