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Table Of Contents


NDArray.astype(dtype, copy=True)[source]

Returns a copy of the array after casting to a specified type.

  • dtype (numpy.dtype or str) – The type of the returned array.

  • copy (bool) – Default True. By default, astype always returns a newly allocated ndarray on the same context. If this is set to False, and the dtype requested is the same as the ndarray’s dtype, the ndarray is returned instead of a copy.


The copied array after casting to the specified type, or the same array if copy=False and dtype is the same as the input array.

Return type

NDArray, CSRNDArray or RowSparseNDArray


>>> x = mx.nd.zeros((2,3), dtype='float32')
>>> y = x.astype('int32')
>>> y.dtype
<type 'numpy.int32'>