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Table Of Contents


mxnet.ndarray.GridGenerator(data=None, transform_type=_Null, target_shape=_Null, out=None, name=None, **kwargs)

Generates 2D sampling grid for bilinear sampling.

  • data (NDArray) – Input data to the function.

  • transform_type ({'affine', 'warp'}, required) – The type of transformation. For affine, input data should be an affine matrix of size (batch, 6). For warp, input data should be an optical flow of size (batch, 2, h, w).

  • target_shape (Shape(tuple), optional, default=[0,0]) – Specifies the output shape (H, W). This is required if transformation type is affine. If transformation type is warp, this parameter is ignored.

  • out (NDArray, optional) – The output NDArray to hold the result.


out – The output of this function.

Return type

NDArray or list of NDArrays