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mxnet.gluon.utils.split_data(data, num_slice, batch_axis=0, even_split=True)[source]

Splits an NDArray into num_slice slices along batch_axis. Usually used for data parallelism where each slices is sent to one device (i.e. GPU).

  • data (NDArray) – A batch of data.

  • num_slice (int) – Number of desired slices.

  • batch_axis (int, default 0) – The axis along which to slice.

  • even_split (bool, default True) – Whether to force all slices to have the same number of elements. If True, an error will be raised when num_slice does not evenly divide data.shape[batch_axis].


Return value is a list even if num_slice is 1.

Return type

list of NDArray