Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents


class mxnet.gluon.nn.Lambda(function, prefix=None)[source]

Wraps an operator or an expression as a Block object.

  • function (str or function) –

    Function used in lambda must be one of the following: 1) the name of an operator that is available in ndarray. For example:

    block = Lambda('tanh')
    1. a function that conforms to def function(*args). For example:
      block = Lambda(lambda x: nd.LeakyReLU(x, slope=0.1))
  • Inputs
    • ** args *: one or more input data. Their shapes depend on the function.
  • Output
    • ** outputs *: one or more output data. Their shapes depend on the function.
__init__(function, prefix=None)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(function[, prefix]) Initialize self.
apply(fn) Applies fn recursively to every child block as well as self.
cast(dtype) Cast this Block to use another data type.
collect_params([select]) Returns a ParameterDict containing this Block and all of its children’s Parameters(default), also can returns the select ParameterDict which match some given regular expressions.
forward(*args) Overrides to implement forward computation using NDArray.
hybridize([active]) Activates or deactivates HybridBlock s recursively.
initialize([init, ctx, verbose, force_reinit]) Initializes Parameter s of this Block and its children.
load_parameters(filename[, ctx, …]) Load parameters from file previously saved by save_parameters.
load_params(filename[, ctx, allow_missing, …]) [Deprecated] Please use load_parameters.
name_scope() Returns a name space object managing a child Block and parameter names.
register_child(block[, name]) Registers block as a child of self.
register_forward_hook(hook) Registers a forward hook on the block.
register_forward_pre_hook(hook) Registers a forward pre-hook on the block.
save_parameters(filename) Save parameters to file.
save_params(filename) [Deprecated] Please use save_parameters.
summary(*inputs) Print the summary of the model’s output and parameters.


name Name of this Block, without ‘_’ in the end.
params Returns this Block’s parameter dictionary (does not include its children’s parameters).
prefix Prefix of this Block.