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Table Of Contents, num_layers, pretrained=False, ctx=cpu(0), root='/var/lib/jenkins/.mxnet/models', **kwargs)[source]

ResNet V1 model from “Deep Residual Learning for Image Recognition” paper. ResNet V2 model from “Identity Mappings in Deep Residual Networks” paper.

  • version (int) – Version of ResNet. Options are 1, 2.

  • num_layers (int) – Numbers of layers. Options are 18, 34, 50, 101, 152.

  • pretrained (bool, default False) – Whether to load the pretrained weights for model.

  • ctx (Context, default CPU) – The context in which to load the pretrained weights.

  • root (str, default $MXNET_HOME/models) – Location for keeping the model parameters.