Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents

class, interpolation=1)[source]

Crops the image src to the given size by trimming on all four sides and preserving the center of the image. Upsamples if src is smaller than size.

  • size (int or tuple of (W, H)) – Size of output image.
  • interpolation (int) – Interpolation method for resizing. By default uses bilinear interpolation. See OpenCV’s resize function for available choices.
  • data: input tensor with (Hi x Wi x C) shape.
  • out: output tensor with (H x W x C) shape.


>>> transformer = vision.transforms.CenterCrop(size=(1000, 500))
>>> image = mx.nd.random.uniform(0, 255, (2321, 3482, 3)).astype(dtype=np.uint8)
>>> transformer(image)
<NDArray 500x1000x3 @cpu(0)>
__init__(size, interpolation=1)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(size[, interpolation]) Initialize self.
apply(fn) Applies fn recursively to every child block as well as self.
cast(dtype) Cast this Block to use another data type.
collect_params([select]) Returns a ParameterDict containing this Block and all of its children’s Parameters(default), also can returns the select ParameterDict which match some given regular expressions.
forward(x) Overrides to implement forward computation using NDArray.
hybridize([active]) Activates or deactivates HybridBlock s recursively.
initialize([init, ctx, verbose, force_reinit]) Initializes Parameter s of this Block and its children.
load_parameters(filename[, ctx, …]) Load parameters from file previously saved by save_parameters.
load_params(filename[, ctx, allow_missing, …]) [Deprecated] Please use load_parameters.
name_scope() Returns a name space object managing a child Block and parameter names.
register_child(block[, name]) Registers block as a child of self.
register_forward_hook(hook) Registers a forward hook on the block.
register_forward_pre_hook(hook) Registers a forward pre-hook on the block.
save_parameters(filename) Save parameters to file.
save_params(filename) [Deprecated] Please use save_parameters.
summary(*inputs) Print the summary of the model’s output and parameters.


name Name of this Block, without ‘_’ in the end.
params Returns this Block’s parameter dictionary (does not include its children’s parameters).
prefix Prefix of this Block.