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Table Of Contents


Trainer.step(batch_size, ignore_stale_grad=False)[source]

Makes one step of parameter update. Should be called after autograd.backward() and outside of record() scope.

For normal parameter updates, step() should be used, which internally calls allreduce_grads() and then update(). However, if you need to get the reduced gradients to perform certain transformation, such as in gradient clipping, then you may want to manually call allreduce_grads() and update() separately.

  • batch_size (int) – Batch size of data processed. Gradient will be normalized by 1/batch_size. Set this to 1 if you normalized loss manually with loss = mean(loss).

  • ignore_stale_grad (bool, optional, default=False) – If true, ignores Parameters with stale gradient (gradient that has not been updated by backward after last step) and skip update.