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Table Of Contents


class mxnet.recordio.MXIndexedRecordIO(idx_path, uri, flag, key_type=<class 'int'>)[source]

Reads/writes RecordIO data format, supporting random access.


>>> for i in range(5):
...     record.write_idx(i, 'record_%d'%i)
>>> record.close()
>>> record = mx.recordio.MXIndexedRecordIO('tmp.idx', 'tmp.rec', 'r')
>>> record.read_idx(3)
  • idx_path (str) – Path to the index file.
  • uri (str) – Path to the record file. Only supports seekable file types.
  • flag (str) – ‘w’ for write or ‘r’ for read.
  • key_type (type) – Data type for keys.
__init__(idx_path, uri, flag, key_type=<class 'int'>)[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__(idx_path, uri, flag[, key_type]) Initialize self.
close() Closes the record file.
open() Opens the record file.
read() Returns record as a string.
read_idx(idx) Returns the record at given index.
reset() Resets the pointer to first item.
seek(idx) Sets the current read pointer position.
tell() Returns the current position of write head.
write(buf) Inserts a string buffer as a record.
write_idx(idx, buf) Inserts input record at given index.