Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents



Set up the configure of profiler (only accepts keyword arguments).

  • filename (string,) – output file for profile data

  • profile_all (boolean,) – all profile types enabled

  • profile_symbolic (boolean,) – whether to profile symbolic operators

  • profile_imperative (boolean,) – whether to profile imperative operators

  • profile_memory (boolean,) – whether to profile memory usage

  • profile_api (boolean,) – whether to profile the C API

  • contiguous_dump (boolean,) – whether to periodically dump profiling data to file

  • dump_period (float,) – seconds between profile data dumps

  • aggregate_stats (boolean,) – whether to maintain aggregate stats in memory for console dump. Has some negative performance impact.

  • profile_process (string) – whether to profile kvstore server or worker. server can only be profiled when kvstore is of type dist. if this is not passed, defaults to worker