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Table Of Contents


class mxnet.lr_scheduler.LRScheduler(base_lr=0.01, warmup_steps=0, warmup_begin_lr=0, warmup_mode='linear')[source]

Base class of a learning rate scheduler.

A scheduler returns a new learning rate based on the number of updates that have been performed.

  • base_lr (float, optional) – The initial learning rate.

  • warmup_steps (int) – number of warmup steps used before this scheduler starts decay

  • warmup_begin_lr (float) – if using warmup, the learning rate from which it starts warming up

  • warmup_mode (string) – warmup can be done in two modes. ‘linear’ mode gradually increases lr with each step in equal increments ‘constant’ mode keeps lr at warmup_begin_lr for warmup_steps

__init__(base_lr=0.01, warmup_steps=0, warmup_begin_lr=0, warmup_mode='linear')[source]

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


__init__([base_lr, warmup_steps, …])

Initialize self.