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Table Of Contents*args, **kwargs)

b’Iterating on the MNIST dataset.nnOne can download the dataset from in src/io/’

  • image (string, optional, default='./train-images-idx3-ubyte') – Dataset Param: Mnist image path.
  • label (string, optional, default='./train-labels-idx1-ubyte') – Dataset Param: Mnist label path.
  • batch_size (int, optional, default='128') – Batch Param: Batch Size.
  • shuffle (boolean, optional, default=1) – Augmentation Param: Whether to shuffle data.
  • flat (boolean, optional, default=0) – Augmentation Param: Whether to flat the data into 1D.
  • seed (int, optional, default='0') – Augmentation Param: Random Seed.
  • silent (boolean, optional, default=0) – Auxiliary Param: Whether to print out data info.
  • num_parts (int, optional, default='1') – partition the data into multiple parts
  • part_index (int, optional, default='0') – the index of the part will read
  • prefetch_buffer (long (non-negative), optional, default=4) – Maximum number of batches to prefetch.
  • dtype ({None, 'float16', 'float32', 'float64', 'int32', 'int64', 'uint8'},optional, default='None') – Output data type. None means no change.

The result iterator.

Return type: