Table Of Contents
Table Of Contents


DataDesc is used to store name, shape, type and layout information of the data or the label.

The layout describes how the axes in shape should be interpreted, for example for image data setting layout=NCHW indicates that the first axis is number of examples in the batch(N), C is number of channels, H is the height and W is the width of the image.

For sequential data, by default layout is set to NTC, where N is number of examples in the batch, T the temporal axis representing time and C is the number of channels.

  • cls (DataDesc) – The class.
  • name (str) – Data name.
  • shape (tuple of int) – Data shape.
  • dtype (np.dtype, optional) – Data type.
  • layout (str, optional) – Data layout.

Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.


count Return number of occurrences of value.
get_batch_axis(layout) Get the dimension that corresponds to the batch size.
get_list(shapes, types) Get DataDesc list from attribute lists.
index Return first index of value.


name Alias for field number 0
shape Alias for field number 1