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Table Of Contents


mxnet.image.center_crop(src, size, interp=2)[source]

Crops the image src to the given size by trimming on all four sides and preserving the center of the image. Upsamples if src is smaller than size.


This requires MXNet to be compiled with USE_OPENCV.

  • src (NDArray) – Binary source image data.

  • size (list or tuple of int) – The desired output image size.

  • interp (int, optional, default=2) – Interpolation method. See resize_short for details.


  • NDArray – The cropped image.

  • Tuple – (x, y, width, height) where x, y are the positions of the crop in the original image and width, height the dimensions of the crop.


>>> with open("flower.jpg", 'rb') as fp:
...     str_image =
>>> image = mx.image.imdecode(str_image)
>>> image
<NDArray 2321x3482x3 @cpu(0)>
>>> cropped_image, (x, y, width, height) = mx.image.center_crop(image, (1000, 500))
>>> cropped_image
<NDArray 500x1000x3 @cpu(0)>
>>> x, y, width, height
(1241, 910, 1000, 500)